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Chat GPT and Dall-E are all over the news recently. At the time of publishing, Elon Musk has recently broken news with a new letter signed in which he’s asking for a halt to further AI technology beyond Chat GPT4.

As these technologies open our eyes wider and wider with their surprising new applications and all the controversy around them, we feel the need to stick our head out of the water and look at the bigger picture for a second.

How do these tools and the latest tech advancements fit within the world of artificial intelligence (AI) for us now? For that, we’re going back to the base.  

To shed light on where we stand with all the diverse AI tools at our disposal and for years to come, this report now focuses on what DL is, how it works, and where this tech field is going. We’re covering deep learning models (also commonly referred to as the short form of DL) and their current implications in tech to provide some answers as to the future DL and AI holds combined with today’s most common applications, and what the background of these technologies means in our day-to-day world. 

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